Art with a Dog at La Pine Public Library

Therapy dog Lily with her handler Heather was the muse for children participating in “Art with a Dog” at the La Pine Public Library.

This event was right up my (and Lily’s!) alley. As the only Early Intervention/Early Childhood Special Education teacher in La Pine, plus doing reading tutoring on the side, I was excited to share this book with kids in our community, and Julie did a great job talking with the families about the things that the book hi-lighted – finding your history and embracing your culture.

Lily and I enjoyed meeting the kids and their families……there was even a girl named Lily, too! All the kids were so kind to her and very polite. We were very happy to get to be a part of this event for our La Pine kids.

Heather and Lilly

Heather is a Reading Specialist and Educational Assistant in La Pine, and was able to make powerful community connections with these families. I appreciate that all the volunteers read our Youth A Novel Idea book: I Can Make This Promise by Christine Day. Both participating families checked out the book and were excited about it. Heather, Lily and I made a couple of loops through the library and Lily visited beautifully with another three kids/tweens/teens who did not stay for the art.

Julie, La Pine Community Librarian

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