Out of The Darkness at OSU-Cascades

Beth with Tilly, Ann with Tola, and Heather with Lily are three therapy dog teams with Compassionate Canines who braved a chilly Saturday to warm up the hearts and souls of students during an OSU-Cascades campus event called Out of The Darkness. The event was a collaboration with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, and during the entire morning students filtered in and out of the classroom hugging, massaging, and loving on the dogs. At noon all of us participated in the campus walk bringing hope which ended this important event that our teams were invited to support and bring comfort and joy.

Thank you for taking the time our of your day and bringing so much joy to our students at our Out of The Darkness event. It is truly a pleasure to host you and I am excited to continue working together.

Sara, OSU-Cascades Wellness Coordinator

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