Self-Care Fair at OSU-Cascades

It was a pleasure to host our Compassionate Canines table at the Self-Care Fair! Both of our therapy teams present, Steve with Skye the Goldendoodle and Ann with Tola the Golden Retriever, were perfect for this event. Because we were in a tight space, we needed therapy teams with dogs who are low key and very relaxed. Skye and Tola were excellent representatives!

We had lots of visitors to our table that night, and I also spoke with a few other exhibitors who were interested in getting therapy dog teams in their programs. Obviously, most of our visitors were students just getting out of afternoon classes or in between evening classes. I love it when students talk to us about the dogs they left behind at home when they came to Bend for school while cuddling one of our therapy dogs! Many of our visitors were dog owners and enjoyed sharing stories of their dogs with us. At one point, we had several students sitting on the floor petting Skye on one side of the table, with several others with Tola on the other side of the table. The dogs enjoyed every minute!

Heather, Compassionate Canines coordinator

Our student wellness team members were debriefing our Self-Care Fair and frankly, we could not get over how well received the Compassionate Canines were.

Sara, OSU-Cascades Wellness Coordinator

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