Art with a Dog at Redmond Library

Ruby and Carol visited the Redmond library on Tuesday, April 12 where children were invited to come and create art based on a dog. There were about five children in attendance and six adults.  Ruby showed them that she could “read” her cue cards that show sit, down and back and then “sang” Happy Birthday to Avery, one of the attendees who just celebrated her seventh birthday two days prior.  

The children had the option of origami dog heads, charcoal or water colors. Most of the kids opted for the origami, but one of the Mother’s took the water colors and recreated a photo she had taken of Ruby in record time. Not sure who had more fun – the kids or Ruby. The tricks come in handy when conversation is at a lull.  People are always amazed what dogs can do.  The librarians especially appreciated the dog that could read.  

A little girl who came in with her Dad just to see the dog.  She noticed Ruby’s St. Charles ID and said to her Dad, “that’s where Mom went”.  Then she kept asking me about how she could get a Therapy Dog of her own. I explained about training, etc., then she said, “I’ve had a tough time lately”, or something to that effect.  She and her Dad left at that point, but I was left wondering what she had gone through.

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