Summer with the Library: Parrell Mobile Home Park

Isn’t this a cute picture from the Parrell Mobile Home Park event tonight?? There wasn’t a lot of families in attendance but the weather was great and these girls put on quite a show with their beautiful dances and costumes. 

Lily and I had a chair at the library tent and we gave out art supplies that the library staff brought. The kids could draw there, like they did during the Art With A Dog project, but all of them chose to take their art supplies home with them. The library gave free books away – from adult books, graphic novels for teens/tweens, children’s books and board books for babies. They also signed adults, teens, tweens, kids, toddlers and babies up for the summer reading program, and then held drawings at the end and gave away some nice prizes such as a crystal growing kit, $50 Amazon gift cards, and a Kindle Fire tablet. They also had a few games set up for the kids – a bean bag toss, ring toss, and badminton. Other community participants were From Seed to Table giving away lots of veggies, Parks and Rec, and several Latino programs from Deschutes County. 

 Jenny, the librarian in charge of the July 13th event, located at Juniper Hilltop Mobile Homes, asked Lily and I to attend that one since no one has signed up for it yet. They said that the pre-event held at that site a few weeks ago was well attended. The plan is for Lily and I to walk through the crowd there and pass out art supplies as more of an ice-breaker for families coming to the library set-up. 

So no need to bring any prizes or books – the library provided everything. And at this event, there was lots to do and no one was interested in sitting down and reading to Lily. The dancing and the games provided a lot of things to do. 


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