Art with a Dog at Sisters Library

It was a wonderful afternoon and the four kids had a wonderful time, and so did Poet. One of the kids thought that Poet also needed a name tag so we put one on his Compassionate Canines bandana that he was wearing.

A couple of the kids came and petted Poet, and some just watched him. He “had a ball” and enjoyed the attention. Relaxed and “non-pulsed” when the kids were talking and walking around.

Josie (from the library) had plenty of different art media for the kids to use and while it is difficult to see in the picture, one of the origami dogs that was made did have the typical “husky” mask.

What fun.

Selina Witt with Poet

Spring Pet-A-Pup at COCC

After the rave reviews on the Spring Pet-A-Pup events, Central Oregon Community College has again asked Compassionate Canines of Central Oregon to provide Therapy Dogs as part of their stress relief events during the students’ prep week before finals. To volunteer, contact Anita Read at


Wednesday, Jun 01, 2022
Jefferson Hall
1 hour shifts 4-5pm, 5-6pm and 6-7pm

Thursday, Jun 02, 2022
Barber Library
1 hour shifts 12-1pm, 1-2pm


Tuesday, May 31, 2022
Technology Education Center
1 hour shifts 10-11am, 11-12pm

Wags For Wellness at OSU-Cascades

Need a pick me up!? Do you love adorable puppies!? Spend your lunch hour with the Compassionate Canine therapy dogs hosted by the Student Wellness Center. The purpose of the event is simply to offer a little bit of stress relief.

When: Every Friday at noon starting April 22
Where: Green lawn between Tykeson and Obsidian Hall

Art with a Dog at Redmond Library

Ruby and Carol visited the Redmond library on Tuesday, April 12 where children were invited to come and create art based on a dog. There were about five children in attendance and six adults.  Ruby showed them that she could “read” her cue cards that show sit, down and back and then “sang” Happy Birthday to Avery, one of the attendees who just celebrated her seventh birthday two days prior.  

The children had the option of origami dog heads, charcoal or water colors. Most of the kids opted for the origami, but one of the Mother’s took the water colors and recreated a photo she had taken of Ruby in record time. Not sure who had more fun – the kids or Ruby. The tricks come in handy when conversation is at a lull.  People are always amazed what dogs can do.  The librarians especially appreciated the dog that could read.  

A little girl who came in with her Dad just to see the dog.  She noticed Ruby’s St. Charles ID and said to her Dad, “that’s where Mom went”.  Then she kept asking me about how she could get a Therapy Dog of her own. I explained about training, etc., then she said, “I’ve had a tough time lately”, or something to that effect.  She and her Dad left at that point, but I was left wondering what she had gone through.

Summer with the Library

Create, Read, and Explore All Summer Long

Summer with the Library is back with more fun, more activities, more community outreach—and more prizes! Readers and adventurers of all ages can sign up for the Summer with the Library program and open the door to a whole season of possibilities. See the Upcoming Events list for dates and locations. One Compassionate Canines therapy dog team is invited to attend each event.

Self-Care Fair at OSU-Cascades

It was a pleasure to host our Compassionate Canines table at the Self-Care Fair! Both of our therapy teams present, Steve with Skye the Goldendoodle and Ann with Tola the Golden Retriever, were perfect for this event. Because we were in a tight space, we needed therapy teams with dogs who are low key and very relaxed. Skye and Tola were excellent representatives!

We had lots of visitors to our table that night, and I also spoke with a few other exhibitors who were interested in getting therapy dog teams in their programs. Obviously, most of our visitors were students just getting out of afternoon classes or in between evening classes. I love it when students talk to us about the dogs they left behind at home when they came to Bend for school while cuddling one of our therapy dogs! Many of our visitors were dog owners and enjoyed sharing stories of their dogs with us. At one point, we had several students sitting on the floor petting Skye on one side of the table, with several others with Tola on the other side of the table. The dogs enjoyed every minute!

Heather, Compassionate Canines coordinator

Our student wellness team members were debriefing our Self-Care Fair and frankly, we could not get over how well received the Compassionate Canines were.

Sara, OSU-Cascades Wellness Coordinator

Out of The Darkness at OSU-Cascades

Beth with Tilly, Ann with Tola, and Heather with Lily are three therapy dog teams with Compassionate Canines who braved a chilly Saturday to warm up the hearts and souls of students during an OSU-Cascades campus event called Out of The Darkness. The event was a collaboration with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, and during the entire morning students filtered in and out of the classroom hugging, massaging, and loving on the dogs. At noon all of us participated in the campus walk bringing hope which ended this important event that our teams were invited to support and bring comfort and joy.

Thank you for taking the time our of your day and bringing so much joy to our students at our Out of The Darkness event. It is truly a pleasure to host you and I am excited to continue working together.

Sara, OSU-Cascades Wellness Coordinator

Art with a Dog at La Pine Public Library

Therapy dog Lily with her handler Heather was the muse for children participating in “Art with a Dog” at the La Pine Public Library.

This event was right up my (and Lily’s!) alley. As the only Early Intervention/Early Childhood Special Education teacher in La Pine, plus doing reading tutoring on the side, I was excited to share this book with kids in our community, and Julie did a great job talking with the families about the things that the book hi-lighted – finding your history and embracing your culture.

Lily and I enjoyed meeting the kids and their families……there was even a girl named Lily, too! All the kids were so kind to her and very polite. We were very happy to get to be a part of this event for our La Pine kids.

Heather and Lilly

Heather is a Reading Specialist and Educational Assistant in La Pine, and was able to make powerful community connections with these families. I appreciate that all the volunteers read our Youth A Novel Idea book: I Can Make This Promise by Christine Day. Both participating families checked out the book and were excited about it. Heather, Lily and I made a couple of loops through the library and Lily visited beautifully with another three kids/tweens/teens who did not stay for the art.

Julie, La Pine Community Librarian

Deschutes County Libraries “Art with a Dog”

In I Can Make This Promise, the dog Edie calls Bruno inspires her school film project. At this program, we’ll spend an hour with a good dog as our creative muse. Intended for children ages 6-11. Click on the date to register. Compassionate Canines therapy dog teams will participate.