Redmond Airport Therapy Dog Team Protocol

Thank you for your interest in visiting Redmond Airport.  We look forward to meeting you and your canine teammate. 

There are special requirements for volunteering at the Redmond Airport. 

1.       All teams will be skill assessed by either Heather Wingate or Sue Dolezal before teams will be allowed to pursue Security Badging.  When they have completed a satisfactory walk-through (baggage claim, car rentals, and airline check-in) with you and your dog, you may make an appointment with Airport Security for badging and I.D.

2.       All teams must have valid Therapy Dog registrations with Alliance of Therapy Dogs or Pet Partners.  Current registration with ATD or Pet Partners must be presented when requested and carried with you when visiting.

3.       Dogs must be outgoing to strangers. 

We see people from all over the world pass through the airport.  We want our canine companions to be welcoming to those we are greeting.  Methods of dressing, people carrying bags (or pulling them), and excited and cranky children (adults, too) are all a part of who we see at the airport. 

4.       Uncommon noises cannot send your dog into a barking frenzy.  If your dog is easily stressed, it may not be the place for them.

5.       All teams will use a 4’ or shorter leash.  With large dogs, a traffic lead (2’) is acceptable and appreciated.  No 6’ leashes will be allowed no matter if your certifying registry (Pet Partners for example) allows them. No exceptions to this will be granted unless you are 6’10” and have a Yorkie. If that is the case, we’ll discuss it, but otherwise don’t bring it up.

6.       Under no circumstances can you drop your leash or hand your dog off to another person.  There are no exceptions.   

7.       If you must run to the restroom, it is advised you take your dog with you or take your dog to the car.  Do not ask someone to handle your dog.

8.       No dogs within 2’ of each other.  Not even for pictures.  Stagger dogs for photos so they are not next to one another.  Get creative!

9.       Your dog must wear a harness or vest designating it as a Therapy Dog. 

Departures:  All teams who are proceeding to departures MUST be accompanied by staff.  No exceptions, ever.  You must make an appointment for all visits you make at departures.  No weekends or holidays.

TSA: You and your canine will be expected to pass through TSA if you choose to visit departures.  ALL the requirements you normally face going through TSA are a part of this journey.  If you have the TSA Fast Pass, you will not be using it with your dog.  Be prepared to stand in line with the rest of us.  Either Sue Dolezal or Heather Wingate will work with you on this exercise.  It is not for every dog.

a.       Training during a time when TSA is NOT BUSY will be scheduled. 

b.       Just like you would if you were flying, your shoes come off, no pocket knives, and everything you are carrying goes in the bin…including your dog’s harness if they are wearing one.  If you have dog treats, they come out of your pockets, too.

c.       Hang onto your dog’s leash.  NO ONE can handle your dog but you.  Including TSA. 

d.       On the secure side, you must stay in sight of the staff member accompanying you. 

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