Therapy Dog Teams

New Therapy Dog Team: Sarah Smith with Kodiak

Kodiak likes to earn rewards. So he is really fun for kids! But we are up for anything! I say we try it all and we will find what will work best 🙂 He is not much of a “pet me pet me” dog which I blame COVID for. It wasn’t very possible to encourage him to go up for pets on outings when he was little. So he doesn’t seek out pets, and he usually expects the hand coming toward him to have cookies. (That may be more my fault haha!) 

He needs support around walkers, but seems to be fine around wheelchairs, and we have taught him to rest his head in someone’s lap. (Melts my heart) I am really looking forward to taking him on jobs! I know he will love it!

Sue Dolezal with Foster, Henry & Isaac, Jameson, and Gunner

Jennifer Boley with Griffin

Here is a photo of Griffyn, my 9 year old Golden Retriever, and myself.  We have been volunteering with Partners in Care for 1 1/2 years. Before moving to Oregon we volunteered with Optimal Care Hospice and Kaweah Delta Hospice in CA. for 7 years.  We also volunteer with Bend Boys and Girls Club.  I started volunteering as a TDI handler in the early 1990’s.

Marilyn Davidson with Atticus

Atticus is a Scottish Terrier.We have volunteered as a therapy team at St. Charles Hospital, Bend for 2 years. We have been a team for 7 years. I have been a therapy dog handler for 12 years.

Suzanne DiChiara with Comet

Comet is an 8-year-old mini Australian Shepherd. We volunteer at St. Charles (5th floor) and Mt. Bachelor Memory Care. I’ve been a Pet Partner Handler with Comet since 2012. Qualification Rating: Complex

Ann Duffin with Cat Ballou

Cat Ballou is a German Wirehaired Pointer. We volunteer at St. Charles. I have been volunteering as a Handler for Therapy Dogs since 2007.

Monica Rendon with Indy and Teddy

Monica is a Tester/Observer with Alliance of Therapy Dogs, Inc. She is a registered handler with Indy in the red vest, and Teddy in the blue vest. 

Vern Rendon with Teddy and Daisy

Vern is a registered handler with Teddy in the grumpy face and Daisy in the pink vest. Monica and Vern regularly volunteer at Silver Rail Elementary School, Redmond Early Learning Center, Crook County Library, Regency Redmond Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, as well as giving yearly “dog safe” presentations at various schools.

Bonnie Smith with Yogi

Yogi is a Toy Poodle. Bonnie and Yogi volunteer at Partners in Care. We started volunteering in September 2016.

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